Why Clients Choose Ryan Mill


Anuj Majumdar

Executive Producer, Treasure Quest

“There are those special individuals–Adele, Lionel Messi, Gene Kelly–who have the ability to hit that note, that shot, that move with such ease and grace, their years of toil and practice often gets overlooked. Ryan Mill belongs in that elite crew.
I’ve repeatedly seen him step up to the mic, seconds after receiving the VO script, and instantly nail the tone, cadence, and emphasis required for every part of the story. I believe that’s precisely what makes him stand out from other voice over artists: his seemingly innate sense of drama and mood that allows him to calibrate his delivery with great precision. And, very importantly for me, Ryan goes about his business without any fuss and brings along his wicked sense of humor to every session. A real pleasure and privilege to work with, and hope I get to do so on many a show.”


Michelle Palmer

Creative Services & On-Air Marketing

“Words are just words written on paper till Ryan Mill reads them and brings them to life.”


Sam Panico

Associate Creative Director

“Ryan is always a pleasure to work with. In a field that’s usually high stress and high demand, that’s a rare find. I always know that he’ll deliver and make my words sound much better through his mouth. Is it weird that I hear his voice when I write for him now? Please don’t tell him.”


Leo McCafferty

In the Room

“Ryan has been nothing but a pleasure to work with; he is not only accommodating but extremely quick and reliable. If we ever need a last minute pick-up or change, he’s eager to help. He’s got an incredible range and can adapt quickly to whatever style we’re looking to emulate. He’s help raise the production level of our Emmy Award winning show and his work speaks for itself; he’s a quality voice and a quality person and he comes with my highest recommendation.”


Sharita Petersen

Sr. Multimedia Writer Producer

“Tone. Pitch. Emotion. Ryan nails it every time. I like call him One Take Ryan because he nails our sessions every time on the first take. “

Bill Hochhauser

Executive Producer, Sons of Winter

“Ryan is one of the great Voice Over talents I’ve ever had the privilege of working with.  He is always prepared, has great input, offers good insight and forced his family to watch the episodes of ‘Sons of Winter’ in an effort to boost ratings.  He’s a total pro with a great sense of humor and a lot patience for producers who always have last minute changes.”

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Pat Boston

Corporate Sponsorships Lead

“Ryan is always a pleasure to work with. Whether we give him a script 3 days in advance (which is rare) or we need something in the next 60 minutes (much more likely) we get a quality product every time. It’s always fun to see a project come to life after you add in Ryan’s voice.”